linuxconf 1.24r9 changes log

linuxconf 1.24r9 changes log

previous versions: 1.24r8
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Module dnsconf: classless reverse mapping, take 2

The solution to support classless IP reverse mapping delegation was not flexible enough and was not working in some case (though it follows the latest RFC). It was using sub-nets. Now it is using range, so it is much more flexible. Consider this work in progress.

When you create a new reverse zone, you can enter a range using the x-y syntax. that's it. From now on, Linuxconf will update the the zone if the IP number fits in that range. The zone will be named

for a a.b.c network.

Module mailconf: privacy options

I have added several "privacy" options (SMTP protocol features in fact). These include:

I put a check-box for each. I also reworked the dialog to place options together under a new tab called "SMTP features".

Module mailconf: reworked menu

The menu was originally organized in 2 sections. I have created a new one for virtual email domains features and another to control various things (manage the mail queue and generate

Module nisconf: new

I have moved the code to configure the NIS domain and server from Linuxconf core, so it can be disable on systems without NIS. I have added also some inter-module messaging abilities. This module reacts to the various user account management messages and update the NIS database. It does that by executing the /usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/nisconf_update utility (which does "cd /var/yp && make").

You can turn off this automatic update right in the NIS configuration dialog.

Module printer

You can select the default printer when using LPRng.

Presenting text in HTML mode

Now, formatted text from the status module is presented enclosed with <pre> tags. This produces a more readable results.

Translations: Portuguese and Spanish updates

As usual :-)

Bug fixes

module mailconf: long aliases

Two bugs were fixed with long aliases. Now you can create distribution list as long as needed. A bug was fixed in vdeliver and the other in the mailconf module,