linuxconf 1.24r8 changes log

linuxconf 1.24r8 changes log

previous versions: 1.24r6
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Module dnsconf: edit the ttl field

The module has been reworked a bit so you can set the ttl on various records. This include the A, MX and NS records. The dialogs have been enhanced to present this extra field in various place. It is optional.

Module dnsconf: many MX and NS record

The was only allowing 3 NS and MX records. Well, it was supporting more, but passed this limit, you were not able to add using Linuxconf. You were able to edit the 4 you had already, but not to add a fifth one for example. now Linuxconf insure there is an extra empty field at the end of the form.

Bug fixes

Module dnsconf: time to live bug

The time to live in zone file was not properly supported. It was only handling numeric value and was confused by the letter suffix (D for day, H for hour, ...). This is fixed.