linuxconf 1.24r5 changes log

linuxconf 1.24r5 changes log

previous versions: 1.24r4
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Menus reworked

various menus and modules have been moved to get a more consistent layout.

Module firewall: port redirection to another host

The help screen has been enhanced and the functionality tested. You need the ipmasqadm utility to make use of that.

Module printer: various cleanups

The module was reworked so we can do a gurus for it without by reusing most of the code.

Module pythonmod

It is getting more complete. It provides access to more Linuxconf APIs. This includes access to the virtual registry so a python module can peek and poke in various other modules.

Module radiusconf: new

Module tcptool

The command line in session mode sends its content whenever you hit enter. You do not have to click on Send all the time. This only works in GUI mode for now.

Translation updates

Spanish, Slovak and Portuguese. Many help screens enhanced/translated.

Bug fixes

Control service activity

When you were deleting a package from this dialog, the list was not redrawn properly.

misc GUI bugs

Various little things were fixed: