linuxconf 1.24r4 changes log

linuxconf 1.24r4 changes log

previous versions: 1.24r2
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GUI splash screen

Thanks to the new gnome-linuxconf, Linuxconf has now a splash screen in GUI mode. Contributed by Conectiva Linux. Cute!

Module dhcpd: More validations

The module not only validate IP numbers, but always check for proper netmask (the network number is compatible with the netmask) and also IP ranges.

Module dnsconf: reverse for sub-nets

The module now implement a scheme to delegate sub-net reverse mapping. This is new and experimental. When you create a reverse zone,there is an extra field to enter the sub-net. You enter the last digit of the network address and the number of significant bit. From there, Linuxconf will know how/when to update this reverse zone.

For example, if you have the sub-net you would enter:

	Network number: 192.168.1
	Subnet x/y         : 64/26

The zone created will be called 64/ The owner of the zone will have to set a bunch of cnames to point his DNS to yours.

Module drbdconf: new

This is a new module to configure the drbd server (sort of network block device server

Module heartbeatconf: new

This module contributed by Conectiva Linux is used to configure the heartbeat server. This is used in high availability servers where the heartbeat server is used to tell which node of the cluster are alive.

Module kernelconf: vregistry support

I have added a bunch of virtual registry variable to control most features managed by kernelconf.

Module mailconf: support for Amavis

You can now specify Amavis as the delivery agent. Amavis is a mail scanner used to filter (out I guess) virus and stuff like that.

Module pslaveconf: new

This is contributed by Conectiva Linux. This configure the portslave server.


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