linuxconf 1.24r2 changes log

linuxconf 1.24r2 changes log

previous versions: 1.24
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GUI front-end: Java re-birth

The Java front-end, forgotten for years, has been revamped. It is not working completely yet, but progress was done. Anyone want to help me on this ?

Guruengine enhancements

The guru map is now click-able. You click on an area and you jump right there if allowed. No need to hit next 10 time to get to proper dialog.

Also, while you move over the map, the node titles are displayed in the upper left corner.

Module isapnpconf: Various enhancements and bug fixes

Module printer: bug fix and enhancements

The module presents the information window as a stand-alone one instead of folded in the treemenu layout.

A bug was fixed when creating a printer queue with a different name than the suggested one.

Module pythonmod: More binding (user interface)

The module is getting more complete, especially on the user interface side (DIALOG class)

Module report: new

This is a new module written by Conectiva Linux. It produces a report on screen and optionally in a text file, of various information about your computer. This includes a lot of stuff found in /proc. The should help support people getting some details about your computer.

Module xterminals: review server guru

This module has been reworked and debugged quite a lot. We are actively working on a new xterminal kit and the xterminals Linuxconf module will be the work-horse for configuration.

Treemenu mode: icons

Now small icons, thanks to Conectiva Linux, are displayed in treemenu mode. This is supported both by linuxconf-gui and gnome-linuxconf (a new version will be released this week).

Bug fixes

Editing crontab in HTML mode

A glitch was fixed in the crontab editor. It was always presenting the first entry in HTML mode.

fixperm and /var/named/sec

In 1.24, the suggested permissions for /var/named/sec was changed for RedHat 7 from root.root to named.named. Unfortunately, if the bind package is not installed, the named user and group do not exist. Linuxconf was complaining. Now the process was changed. the user and group are resolved only if the fixperm entry is needed (/var/named/sec do exist for example).