linuxconf 1.24 changes log

linuxconf 1.24 changes log

previous versions: 1.23r2
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/var/named/sec permissions

In newer distributions, named is run as user named, not root anymore. The dnsconf module creates secondaries in /var/named/sec. This directory was owned by root. It will be owned by named.named from now on. On older distribution, Linuxconf will still create it as root.root though.

Module dnsconf: sorting

Domains and secondaries are always sorted in the interface, but the order in named.conf is not changed.

Module firewall. Logical devices and addresses

The firewall module already had the ability to query other modules to translate a logical name (key1/key2) into either an IP address (or interface address). This was used by the dialout,redhatppp and pppdialin modules. This is useful to establish firewall rules when the exact IP address is not known.

The fwinfo api was changed to accomodate a new module: userfirewall. Now a module may provide several IP/netmask for one query. The firewall module will generate one rule for each IP/netmask pair, as needed.

The userfirewall module will be announced shortly.

Module mailconf: auth timeout

You can control this parameter. You put the timeout you want or you disable the AUTH request.

Module RPMs

When you create a module outside Linuxconf source tree, you can easily create an RPM for it, just by doing:

	make buildrpm

For a module called foo, this was creating an RPM called foo-version...rpm. Now, without modifying your Makefile with linuxconf-devel 1.24 and up this will create an RPM called linuxconf-foo-version...rpm. This will make Linuxconf modules more easily visible.


More Hungarian stuff!

Virtual registry: more stuff

The linuxconf network access dialog can be used with the virtual registry as well.