linuxconf 1.23r2 changes log

linuxconf 1.23r2 changes log

previous versions: 1.23r1
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Module usersbygroup: Moved in the core package

The independent module usersbygroup has been moved into the core package. This is general, and far too many people were ignoring its use.

The module allows one to assign co-administrators for certain user groups. You can also assign some tasks doable by the co-administrators on the user accounts member of those groups. A very useful solution for schools and offices.

Module xterminals

The module has been collecting dust for sometime. It has been reworked a lot lately. It is used to configure the xterminal toolkit (see for details.

The new module should ease the configuration of a server to serve X terminals. Using an extensive guru, you are walked through all the steps to prepare a server. These steps include:

For each services, it checks the configuration, the package installation and the service activity. You can see a screenshot of the guru here .

Modules kbdconf, Xkbdconf and mouseconf

These are new modules to configure the keyboard and mouse. The modules rely on various libraries including xml, so they are not compiled on all distro.

Virtual registry: more variables

You can deal with /etc/fstab using the virtual registry. This includes pretty much every flag. The variables are fstab-nfs.XXX and fstab-local.XXX. For example, you can switch the readonly flag for the mount point /data like this

	vregistry --set fstab-local.readonly./data 1

Variables were also added to handle the NIS configuration. They are nis.domain and nis.server.

Bug fixes

Module dnsconf: keyword key

The "key" keyword was not supported in the access control specifications.

Module managerpm: rpmlib dependencies

The module was not supporting the rpmlib(feature) construct. It was reporting improper failed dependencies on those, causing problems for package installation and update. The problems were visible only on RedHat 7.