linuxconf 1.23r1 changes log

linuxconf 1.23r1 changes log

previous versions: 1.23
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GUI protocol

The document was enhanced to cover drawing contexts and drawing primitives.

Module printer: enhancements

You can specify the spool directory if needed. The network authorization menu only appears when running with old BSD lpr package since it is not needed with LPRng.

Module pythonmod: new

This is a full binding for the Python language. It allows module written in python to interface with Linuxconf. You have access to the following objects

I am probably missing some. There is little documentation about it, you you will find a sample in linuxconf/modules/pythonmod/examples.

Thanks to Gustavo Niemeyer ( from Conectiva Linux.

Module treemenu: switchable per UI mode

In the feature dialog, there is now a tab for the treemenu module. you find there a check-box for text mode and gui. You can tell if the treemenu mode is available on a per UI mode basis. Some like the treemenu mode in graphical mode, but not in text mode. Now you have the choice.

Module updatemon: diff option

Using the feature dialog, you can control the options passed to the diff command. By default, it is -c, but you may prefer to view diff files using other format.

Virtual registry: more variables

All fields of a samba share are not publish using the virtual registry. Many field of the account & policies dialog are also published (under acctpolicies.XXXX). You can also control some setting of group (accounts) such as the default home, the default permissions and the create-home flag.

Bug fixes

linuxconf-gui: help popup not always working

A flaw was introduced in 1.23. Some time, the help screen for a field won't show. A variable was not initialized properly.