linuxconf 1.22 changes log

linuxconf 1.22 changes log

previous versions: 1.21r8
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Module amandaconf: More help screens

Thanks to Conectiva Linux, more and more help screens are written!

Module aptconf: new

aptconf is a configurator for the apt utility. apt was originally developped for Debian to help manage DEB package. apt can transfer and install package and resolve the dependancies (potentially downloading needed package).

apt was adapted to support RPMs by Conectiva Linux. aptconf was written by Gustavo Niemeyer <>.

Module dhcpd: fixes dhcpd.leases path on rh7

dhcpd.leases moved (again :-) ). The resources file were adjusted to comply with Red-Hat 7.

Module dialout: the connect button

The connect button was changed for "connection". Instead of only triggering a connection, it brings a query to either turn on or off the connection depending on its current state. Prior to 1.22, you could only turn on the connection from this dialog.

Number of PID files and processname in a sysv script

Enhanced system V init script, as found on some distro (Conectiva, RedHat,Mandrake) are specifying various tags such as processname and pidfile. These tags let Linuxconf probe the various service, finding out if they are "current" (compared with their configuration files).

The number of processnames and pidfiles was limited to 10. It was raised to 50 and more sanity check was added.


More Portuguese, Spanish and hungarian translations.


GUI protocol changed

Some enhancement were made to the GUI protocol to make it more general and more efficient. It was not possible to keep compatibility so I crank the protocol revision level by one. The outcome is that you need to update your GUI front-end (linuxconf-gui). Older front-end will be rejected. Note that gnome-linuxconf is now activly maintained and has all the modification needed. An updated RPM is coming.

Bug fixes

Module dnsconf: two update in a row

The enhanced made to only update the zone file which were effectively changed triggered a bug-let where subsequent changes were not saved to file. Fixed!

Module printer: few fixes and enhancements

Various bug fixes were done. Printer with alias names (in /etc/printcap) are properly supported while sending test pages. Some glitches were fixed in the filter selection. The queue manager was fixed to support LPRng as well.

quota and LABEL

There were other issues with disk quota and file systems labels (LABEL= in /etc/fstab). This should fix the last problems in this area on Red-Hat 7.0.


Linuxconf was not passing this environment variable to the front-end (Linuxconf is passing a very limited environment to every command it execute to avoid potential security problems). The XAUTHORITY variable was discarded. This was causing problem where the front-end could not connect to the X server. I think it is a new feature in XFree 4.