linuxconf 1.21r8 changes log

linuxconf 1.21r8 changes log

previous versions: 1.21r7
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Activation change dialog

The dismiss button in the "activation changes" dialog was changed to "do nothing".

guiapi documentation

The documentation for the GUI protocol (between linuxconf and the GUI front-end) was updated. You can find it at .

Module dnsconf: more validation

The module does some sanity check on the value of the "directory" directive to make sure it exists. Bad thing was happening if this was not the case.


More Hungarian, translations!

userconf command line

The --deluser command line option was enhanced so you can control the processing of the user home and in-box data. The command line may be used like this:

	userconf --deluser userid --archive
	userconf --deluser userid --deldata
	userconf --deluser userid --keepdata

The default is still to archive the data.

Bug fixes

Bug in the GUI with complex form with notebook

In 1.21r7, a bug was introduced in notebook handling. The user account dialog was affected for one. Fixed!

Module apache: overrides

The overrides check-boxes were initialized to on by default, which was wrong (Apache defaults to no override at all).

Module samba: updating an SMB account

An error message was uselessly produced while updating the SMB account after creating a new account from the command line (userconf --adduser).