linuxconf 1.21r7 changes log

linuxconf 1.21r7 changes log

previous versions: 1.21r6
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Install packages on demand

A little functionality was added in various places in Linuxconf. When Linuxconf enters some area (say the POP user accounts), it sends a message to the distribution dependent module like this:

	module_requestpkg ("popserver");

"popserver" is a generic name for the package handling the POP protocol. The distribution dependent module (Currently, this is only implemented for Red-Hat), translate this name to the corresponding package and checks if it is installed (popserver is imap on Red-Hat systems).

If the package is not installed (the check is done using managerpm) it asks the user if he wants to install it. If yes, managerpm is called again and takes care of prompting for the CDrom and also solve all dependencies related to this package.

This test is done a single time, so if you answered "no", you won't be bother again (You may have installed a competing POP solution for example).

So far, the call has been installed for popserver, dhcpserver, dnsserver and nfsserver. This correspond to the package which are generally not installed by default.

linuxconf-wrapper now usable

linuxconf-wrapper (part of the linuxconf-util package) is now usable. The fsbrowser module can be used with it. linuxconf-wrapper is a way to use module in a stand-alone mode. When used this way, a module may behave differently. One goal is to create module usable by the system administrator and normal users. When run through linuxconf-wrapper, a module has no privilege.

The fsbrowser module is now installed as a symlink (in /usr/bin) pointing to linuxconf-wrapper. This way, one can use fsbrowser without knowing about linuxconf-wrapper.

Module printer: test dialog

The module let you send ASCII and Postscript page to test the printer configuration. Thanks to Daniel Mealha Cabrita from Conectiva Linux.

Module treemenu: quitting

When using the treemenu module, you can quit from Linuxconf using the window manager X button (at the top right of the window). Originally this command was translated to "check for changes and quit". Now it translate to "Quit no check".

More icons

More icons were done by Conectiva Linux.


Updates for Spanish and Portuguese. Thanks to Conectiva Linux.

Bug fixes

Module mailconf: managing the queue

The module was a little restrictive about message ID length and some were truncated.

Module redhat: support - in chkconfig

The "control system activity" was a little confused with a - in the chkconfig directive of a sysv init script. This dash means the service should not be enable by default at installation time. In this case Linuxconf proposes default runlevel 3,4 and 5. This explains why Linuxconf could not enable the NFS service for one.