linuxconf 1.21r6 changes log

linuxconf 1.21r6 changes log

previous versions: 1.21r5
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Module amandaconf: New

A new module was created by Daniel Mealha Cabrita <> to configure the backup system Amanda. Check it out.

Module firewall: redirecting to internal hosts

The inputing rules have been enhanced so one can redirect form traffic and send it to some hosts. It is using the ip_masq_mfw kernel module. A new field was added to the form. Before, one could only intercept traffic and redirect it to some local service on the firewall. Now, the extra field allows you to redirect to another machine.

This should simplify the old "redir" setup since you do everything from the same dialog. It allows arbitrary traffic redirection, not just TCP. Check it out. Not tested much though.

Module grubconf: new

Thanks to Gustavo Niemeyer <>. we have now a module to configure Grub. Grub is an alternative to the LILO boot loader.

Module kernelconf

The module uses the sysctl utility and /etc/sysctl.conf file to handle kernel tuning.

You can also tune the maximum share memory size.

Module liloconf: moved from the core

LILO configuration used to be in Linuxconf core. It is now a module called liloconf. It does the same thing as before.

Module printer

The module was enhanced. From modules/printer/ source:

Module tcptool: little enhancements

Some enhancement were made to the interface. Some dialogs are now popups. The service may be specified either by name of numerically.

More icons from Conectiva

Conectiva folks have sent more icons. Enjoy!

RedHat 7.0: Some packaging issues

The packaging has been fixed to support RedHat 7.0. Here are the details:

I intend to continue to compile on a RedHat 6.0 box to provide a package for RedHat 6.x and 7.0. and TLMP

The can produce either normal C++ or TLMP linuxconf modules.


More Hungarian, Spanish, and Portuguese

Bug fixes

Module dnsconf: case insensitive

Some string compare were done case sensitive and named.conf is case insensitive.

Module squid: cache_dir directive

The module was not supporting the new cache_dir directive found in squid 2.3. It does now.