linuxconf 1.21r4 changes log

linuxconf 1.21r4 changes log

previous versions: 1.21r3
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Module mailconf: noexpn and novrfy

You can control these options using two check-box. By default noexpn and novrfy are on. The logic of the check-boxes is inverted. With them, you enable expn and verify. Both check-boxes are off by default.

I have reworked the presentation of the mailconf basic configuration dialog and also the help screen, which was dating to say the least.

Module modemconf: More precise gauge

While probing for a modem, the gauge showing the status of the probe more closely represent the amount of work to do.

Module wineconf: New

Thanks to Daniel Mealha Cabrita (, we have a brand new module to configure wine, the windows emulator (

Translations: More Spanish and Portuguese

Including more help files in accountbatch and gurus.

Bug fixes

Module dhcpd: parsing problem with ranges

IP ranges made of a single IP are valid, but were not properly parsed in dhcpd.conf. Also a subnet without any range definition is valid and Linuxconf was poking on it.

Module dhcpd: Updating the DNS

The update DNS feature was broken since a few release. All updates were discarded.

Module dnsconf: segfault while creating a domain

The new template domain feature introduced in 1.21r3 broke a few things and it was not possible to create a new domain interactively.