linuxconf 1.21r3 changes log

linuxconf 1.21r3 changes log

previous versions: 1.21r2
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Module dnsconf: new --newsecondary command line

The --delsecondary was there, but the reverse was missing!

Module dnsconf: template domain

In the feature dialog, you can specify the name of the default or template domain. This domain (it has to exist in the DNS) will be used when creating a new domain. The module used to compute default values but could not guess stuff like secondaries and backup MXs.

Now, when you create a new domain, it will copy many settings from the template zone if defined. This affect the interactive and command line mode.

The following command line still work:

	/sbin/dnsconf --newdomain new_domain template_domain

but if you omit the template_domain argument, then the one specified in the features dialog will be used. This should ease your work a bit.

Module dnsconf: update zone files as needed

The module used to write back zone file every time a change was made anywhere. So zone file were needlessly rewritten back and named was sending a update to every secondary for nothing.

Now a zone is updated only if it was changed.