linuxconf 1.21r2 changes log

linuxconf 1.21r2 changes log

previous versions: 1.21r1
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DIALOG::newf_clist: A new widget

This is a new "column list". It is only available in GUI mode. It is a generalization of the DIALOG_RECORDS, as it allows one to create dialogs with several clist in it.

It will have to be adapted to text and HTML mode. On the other end, multi-list dialogs are probably weird in anything but GUI mode.

Well maybe no. The clist widget may be combined with other field not just other list. So it is work in progress.

Module mailconf: edit aliases

The dialog has been reworked. The Add button has been removed and replaced by a "Grow form" button inside the dialog. This button adds extra fields as need to the dialog. The Add button was doing the same thing, but it was not obvious (what was added).

The help screen has been fixed.

Module printer: many enhancements

The module now defines one privileges per queue. So you can name co-administrator. They are allowed to control the queue. They can stop printing, queuing, restart the daemon and remove jobs.

The big option menu was turned into a popup (in GUI mode). The queue list now present the queue name, queuing status, printing status and the number of job in the spool. Further, the list is updated every 3 seconds, so you can see how things are going.

THe old printconf module has been deleted from the source tree.

Module syslogconf: log viewer enhancements

The log viewer has been enhanced, especially in GUI mode. The large textual button on the right side have been replaced by small icons. The width of the windows had problem. It is presented with a fixed width with an horizontal scrollbar.

A new check-box was added to control the "follow mode". Normally the log viewer works like "tail -f" and follow the growth of the log file. With this check-box, you can lock the view. There is still a bug with the check-box handling so the feature is disabled. Just to say it is coming.

The popup menu has now a new entry: Control service. Using various inter-module apis (PACKAGE_API and SERVICECTL_API), the module can walk its way from a process id (extracted from the log) to the service control and package information. From there, you can restart or stop the service, or disable it or even un-install it. Not bad for a module clue-less about system V init script.

All transparent to the administrator. Cool! Try it out!

New DEVCONF_API inter-module API.

This new api allows one module to request some hardware probing, done by other modules. Several module may implement this api. For now only the modemconf module implement it to auto-detect modems.

So far, the only clients are the dialout module and the gurus.

Translation: Hungarian partly done

And few other updates

Bug fixes

Module managerpm: Improper dependency checking

The module was improperly handling dependencies with version tag. It was complaining about missing dependencies needlessly.

Virtual registry and arrays

The virtual registry allows one to set some variables inside records. For example, one can change the phone number of his dialout connection, by updating the variable "" where "internet" is the dialog configuration name..

Unfortunately, some information can't be update one variable per variable, but must be updated in a single sweep. For example, if you try to set only the phone number of a new dialout configuration you will end up with an incomplete configuration and the update will be rejected (The vregistry sits right on the user interface with all its validation).

The vregistry was fixed to cope with that. When setting several variable from the same record, it caches all the values and does a single commit.

The main user of this is the gurus module. It is now possible to walk you network configuration, from the LAN to the PPP configuration. It will create/edit the "internet" dialout configuration.