linuxconf 1.21r1 changes log

linuxconf 1.21r1 changes log

previous versions: 1.21
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Dialog "not listening" in GUI mode

There were no visual way to identify a dialog ready and waiting for input from a dialog just sitting there, waiting for another dialog to be completed. Some users were getting confused, were clicking on the buttons (and were getting visual feedback), but nothing was happening.

The GUI protocol was extended with a new directive: Listen. The directive expects two arguments: The first is the path of the form and the second is either 0 or 1. A one means the dialog is "listening". A 0 means it is not listening. The GUI front-end may do whatever it wants with a 0 to make the state of the dialog more visible.

Linuxconf-gui locks the dialog. Clicking on it has no effect. The dialog is frozen. Further, the mouse icon associated with the dialog is different.

Hopefully, this will make the user interface less confusing.

A front-end supporting this feature must announce it in the "prefer" command sent to Linuxconf at the start of the session. The keyword is "listen".

No change is required in the various modules. The GUI toolkit always knows implicitly if a dialog is ready or not.

Module accountbatch: more features

There is now a help screen for this module. It describes among other things the file format it expects. There is also a new check-box. While updating the account database (/etc/passwd). you can update the password of existing accounts. This might be useful for schools wanting to reset all password at session start to a known one.

The module has now a progress dialog, with up to three gauges. One shows the creation process (new accounts), another the deletion and the last one, the password update process.

Module gurus: A help screen

The module has now a help screen describing the general concept of the interface.

New icons

Conectiva has contributed new icons. There are still many missing though ...

Quit and Cancel buttons

Using Quit and Cancel for some dialog was somewhat confusing. In some case, Quit and Cancel (MENU_QUIT and MENU_CANCEL) is presented as "Dismiss"..

Resources file for Red-Hat 7.0

Red-Hat 7.0 has few changes which impact Linuxconf. They renamed /etc/conf.modules to /etc/modules.conf. Little stuff like that. Linuxconf 1.21 has to resources to deal with those differences, yet keep compatibility with older Red-Hat releases.

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