linuxconf 1.21 changes log

linuxconf 1.21 changes log

previous versions: 1.20r2
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Module accountbatch: New

The module accountbatch lets you maintain the user account database (/etc/passwd, shadow, smbpasswd) from another database. The module expect a file having the following format:

user-id   group   user-name  shell  password
Each field is separated by a tab. The module accept also the output of a command. From there, you can either add or delete accounts. Accounts found in the file, but not in /etc/passwd will be added. Account already in /etc/passwd won't be affected. Account in /etc/passwd and not present in the file will be deleted. When using deletion, you must specify on which groups the module is authoritative. It won't delete all account not found in the file: Only accounts member of specific group, or with a group id higher than a specified value.

The module has a test button, so you can safely try it and do nothing. Once you have process the file, you can use the module again and it won't do anything, since everything is in sync.

The module allows you to keep several configuration and replay them later (which file or command authoritative on which groups and so on).