linuxconf 1.20r1 changes log

linuxconf 1.20r1 changes log

previous versions: 1.20
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Activating changes: some explanation

Whenever you quit from Linuxconf, it does some integrity check. If anything is out of sync, it display a little menu allowing you to preview the task to perform and do it.

This dialog was changed. There is no "preview" option again. The preview screen has been folded in the little menu. So you see immediately the task to perform. From there, you can either "quit" from Linuxconf without doing anything, "do it" and "back to Linuxconf".

The task list is now enhanced, showing some comment in bold explaining why a given task need to be perform. It will tell you that this configuration file has changed, so we must restart a given service. Or it will tell you that the service is not running, so we have to start it. And so on.

This feature "Linuxconf explains itself" was requested on the list not long ago. I would appreciate comments about the implementation.

GUI: missing icons

I have added some missing icons in the GUI. I have received some contributions as well.

LILO: map directive

The map directive was not processed. Linuxconf was reading and writing it, but it was not interpreting it. People seldom change this, so this had little effect.

Linuxconf uses the revision date of that file (generally /boot/map) compared with the revision date of /etc/lilo.conf and all other files referenced by lilo.conf, such as kernel images and initial ram disks.

As part of the "Linuxconf explains itself" feature, Linuxconf reports which file is newer than the map file.

Module dnsconf: adding comments to zone

For every zone, you can enter 4 lines. They are stored in /etc/conf.linuxconf. Those lines are:

Module netadm: export transport protocol

The export transport command is no more hard coded. You can specify a different one for each administration group. Further, for every administration group member, you can override the command. It will be remember from one session to the other.

A help list provides a list of known commands. You can enter whatever you want as a command. the string %h is replaced by the host name of the group member.

New widget: DIALOG::newf_chkm_str

This is like newf_chkm_num, but with a string. It allows you to create field like this

Value	(o) default (o) none __________

Bug fixes

Module dnsconf: data class

Some data class were not supported in /etc/named.conf. Now in, chaos, hesiod and hs are managed.

(ed. note: A little note. 1.20r1 has a glitch there, do not use it for dns. Use 1.20r2)