linuxconf 1.19r2 changes log

linuxconf 1.19r2 changes log

previous versions: 1.19r1
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Module mailconf: support for RealTime Blackhole List (RBL)

There is now a check-box in the basic sendmail configuration (off by default). Once enabled, it insert the proper rules in to support the RBL. Check out

The RBL is a way to reduce SPAM.

Module syslogconf: more feature while browsing the logs

When you select on log line, you get a POPUP menu. From there you can:

More translations: Slovak and French


New module: isapnpconf

This module probe and configure Plug & Play devices. Check it out!

Popup menus in GUI mode

Popup menu are now available. They are used in the syslogconf module, They work like ordinary menu (as seen by the programmer) except you use DIALOG_MENUPOPUP instead of DIALGG_MENU.

There is an example in dialog/

Bug fixes

Installation on slack-ware

A glitch in the packaging was causing improper installation of the /etc/rc.d/rc.m file. It was missing the execution bit. Not fun!


Setting the timezone on older distributions

The new scheme introduced few release ago to set /etc/localtime was breaking some (old?) distributions. Some distro are setting /etc/localtime as a symlink, pointing in /usr/share/.... Linuxconf was overwriting this link, so in fact, overwriting the file in /usr/share.

Linuxconf now delete /etc/localtime before overwriting it.

Text mode UI segfault

There were some problem with dialog too wide. The code is more robust in this area an will truncate things properly.