linuxconf 1.19r1 changes log

linuxconf 1.19r1 changes log

previous versions: 1.19
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"Are you sure" dialogs default to no in text mode

This is finally implemented. The dialog_yesno accept a new parameter selecting the default button. The xconf_delok and friend now request "no" as the default.

Conectiva: control service activity and sysv

The enhancement made for RedHat in 1.19 (editing the system V runlevels) are now available for Conectiva as well.

Module dnsconf: reloading instead of restart

On some distributions, Linuxconf issues itself the reload or restart for various services. For named, Linuxconf used to stop and start it. It now sends a signal. Please test this (on SuSE for one).

Module dnsconf: support for ! in named.conf

The negation (! character) is now supported in named.conf lists.

More Portuguese translations


Bug fixes

HTML mode broken since 1.19

Most record lists were unusable in 1.19. The entries were not selectable.

Module redhatppp: stupid mode spelling error

Linuxconf was entering "Stupide mode" instead of "Stupid mode".

Segfault in control service activity, French

The dialog was getting to large because the French buttons are fairly verbose (read large). This was breaking a limit and Linuxconf was failing in text mode (when accessing a sysv service).