linuxconf 1.19 changes log

linuxconf 1.19 changes log

previous versions: 1.18r9
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A new feature: The virtual registry

The virtual registry is a fairly important component, It will be useful to module writers and system administrators. It was contributed by Tim Young (

The virtual registry is a simple and unified interface to various information managed by Linuxconf. This interface is usable from the command line and from any module. The main features of the virtual registry are:

The virtual registry was created to simplify the design of gurus modules. The gurus are helper used to perform an administration tasks from scratch. Gurus are generally extremely verbose dialogs connected sequentially. Once they have collect information about the task to perform, they generally write here and there in various configuration files. Using the virtual registry, they will leverage the abilities already found in other module (to manipulate those configuration files).

You can find some documentation about the virtual registry and some sample code

A new module called vregistry included in the core distribution provides a command line interface to the registry. Here are some examples:

	# List all variable managed by the registry
	/sbin/vregistry --list
	# Retrieve the workgroup setting in /etc/smb.conf
	/sbin/vregistry --get samba.workgroup
	# Change it
	/sbin/vregistry --list samba.workgroup MYGROUP
	# disable the samba share "data"
	/sbin/vregistry --set 0

The module is not enable by default. Enable it and there you go.

DIALOG::gui_passthrough() enhanced

The DIALOG::gui_passthrough() offers a way to tap directly in the GUI protocol to enhance the presentation. Using gui_passthrough directly was annoying, so some helper function were created:

You will find more information at

GUI protocol enhancement

The GUI protocol has been enhanced to support popup menus. Linuxconf is not making use of those yet. It's coming though. The primitives were already defined but not implemented in linuxconf-gui. You will find sample code in dialog/

Managing system V runlevels on RedHat

The RedHat module allows you to configure the run-levels where a service will run. This feature is part of the "Control service activity" dialog. You already could enable or disable a service from there. The dialog now includes a second notebook tab to select the run-levels.

Also, the services configuration is now properly archived/extracted as part of the system profile versioning.

Module firewall: adding some masquerading modules

The firewall module allowed you to load various masquerading modules. Unfortunately, the list was uncompleted. Fixed!

Module wuftpd: various timeout added

The basic configuration dialog lets you specify various timeouts.

Bug fixes

Bug in filtered records list

Linuxconf provides a generic interface to manage long record list. You can enter a search prefix and you get a limited view. Unfortunately, there was a bug in this area and this was affecting many dialogs, here and there in Linuxconf. If you have seen segmentation fault after adding or editing a record in a list (dns entry for example) then try 1.19. It might solve many problems.

Module dhcpd: DHCP to DNS

Some filtering were missing when updating the DNS from the dhcpd.leases file. This was leading to either invalid hosts being added to the DNS or some dancing around (the DNS was always updated even if nothing had changed).

Module samba: /etc/smb.conf corrupted

I have finally nailed a nasty bug in the samba module. In one specific case, it was trashing /etc/smb.conf and Linuxconf was segfaulting. The problem was occurring when several dialogs of the module were accessed at once, using the GUI.

Module syslogconf: segfault while filtering

A glitch was fixed while using the filter feature (browsing the logs).

vdeliver: File creation mode

The mail folder in the virtual email domain were created with the wrong permissions bit. Changed from 0600 to 0660.