linuxconf 1.18r7 changes log

linuxconf 1.18r7 changes log

previous versions: 1.18r6
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500 Dialog mismatch

This error message is now more explicit. It reports which fields are out of sync (changed by somebody else while you were editing the dialog).

Some users have reported strange dialog mismatch errors. Hopefully this enhancement will help us track the problem (with some dialogs).

Module dnsconf: Support for $ttl directive

The module now understand the $ttl directive in zone file. You can set it from the zone creation/edition dialog in the feature section.


More Swedish and Finish translations

Bug fixes

Module mailconf: Some anti-spam fix in rule-sets

The check_rcpt section of was enhanced to filter some quoted addresses.

Module managerpm: Dialog not hiding

In GUI mode, some pop-up dialog were not removed properly and were stealing the show.

Packaging: The RPM can be rebuilt as a normal user

There were a flaw in 1.18r6 and the permissions of various files in the RPM were not assigned properly (to root). Some defattr were missing here and there for the sub-packages.