linuxconf 1.18r6 changes log

linuxconf 1.18r6 changes log

previous versions: 1.18r5
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Group member of another group

A small experimental feature was introduced in the group (account management) definition. It is now possible to have a group member of another group (itself, potentially member of other groups).

You specify a group (instead of a user account) by pre-pending the @ character.

This feature (group member of another group) is not widely available in Unix/Linux, but ease administration of general departmental server. This enhancement was made as part of a new project nt2linux available at .

Very little has been published about this project. And to make use of the feature (assigning a group as member of another), you need other component beside Linuxconf. Hopefully available this week.

Module fixes: printer, ircdconf, opensshd

The new modules introduced in 1.18r5 were enhanced and fixed in various ways. Mostly user interfaces quirks.

Module kernelconf: new

This module, hooked in the misc. services sub-menu, lets you configure various kernel parameters, such as the maximum number of open files and inodes.

Module status: various enhancements

The status window available with linuxconf-gui in treemenu mode now contains the number of open files.

The module has a menu to present currently loaded kernel modules.

The PCI information is now presented using the "/sbin/lspci -v" command on kernel 2.2 and above. Much more readable than /proc/pci.

System profile definition

The system profile definition dialog was enhanced. For each sub-system field, there is a help button (on the right side). It presents the configuration files member of that sub-system. It will help you sort out the purpose of the various sub-systems.

Bug fixes

linuxconf-gui: window resizing

Some dialogs were simply huge in 1.18r5, The "auto-vertical" scroll bar was not enabled in some cases.

Profile archiving; IP aliases

The IP aliases were not archived on RedHat, Mandrake and Conectiva. They are now archived as part of the stationid sub-system (along with the other network devices such as ethernet).

System profile: effectiveness of a new definition

The modification made to the definition of the active profile were not effective until the next Linuxconf session. FIxed!

Various bug in 1.18r5 rpm

The changes in 1.18r5 to support non-root rpm build, introduced few packaging problems. First, /bin/linuxconf was not installed setuid root, so co-administrators were left in the cold. And help files were not included in the package.

vpop3d was not filling the

vpop3d was not properly filling the X-POP3-Rcpt header. It was always filling it with the hostname of the server, instead of using the proper virtual domain.