linuxconf 1.18r2 changes log

linuxconf 1.18r2 changes log

previous versions: 1.18r1
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Module inetdconf: link to managerpm

When editing a service, you can view the package owning this service. You must have managerpm enabled though.

Module modemconf: modem detection

The module has now a "detect" button to probe the modem. Cool!

Bug fixes

Various UI bugs

In text mode, the button were not properly drawn, which was miss-leading.

Linuxconf was crashing when a mandatory field was not filled.

linuxconf-gui was crashing when the content of a notebook was not larger than the tab title.

vdomain: testalldomain script fixed

This script was still relying on /etc/named.boot. It now supports both /etc/named.boot and /etc/named.conf (dns configuration file).