linuxconf 1.18r1 changes log

linuxconf 1.18r1 changes log

previous versions: 1.18
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Module fetchmailconf: Some updates

The author may want to do a separate announcement.

Module inetdconf: few updates

The author may wish to send a separate announcement. It mostly support more command line to enable/disable inetd service and check if they are properly installed.

It also link the inetd configuration of a service to managerpm so you can get more information on a service from the package.

At some point, it should be possible install a missing service from there.

Per distribution, per distribution version support files

We already have a functionality to provide per distribution and even per distribution/version resource files. This was not enough. For example, in RedHat 6.1, they moved /etc/dhcpd.leases to /var/state/dhcp/dhcpd.leases (like most distro in fact). So in Linuxconf we had a directory /usr/lib/linuxconf/redhat and in that directory we had a 6.1 directory providing overrides for the changed path.

Now 6.2 is out and it has obviously the same path. So we are trapped into adding a 6.2 sub-directory has well. Not to good and annoying. The solution is to reverse the logic. Put the resource file for the latest RedHat version in /usr/lib/linuxconf/redhat and provide override for older version. At least, we know they are not changing anymore.

Doing this, we will end up with tons of sub-directory. So we introduce per-major version sub-directory. So for a version X.Y of a distribution, Linuxconf now checks in /usr/lib/linuxconf/DIST/X.Y. If it does not exist is looks in /usr/lib/linuxconf/DIST/X and then in /usr/lib/linuxconf/DIST.

So for RedHat, we have now the following sub-directory: 4 5 and 6.0.

Reviewed help files

Thanks to Terry Baker, many little enhancements were made to the English help files.

UI: More French and Swedish translations


UI: New textarea widget working in text mode

Thanks to Gustavo Niemeyer, we have now a working textarea widget in text mode. Here is some information about it.

The textarea widget is special as it spans several lines. Further it may be used to edit text larger than the display. Key usage for text editor are a little incompatible with the key bindings for normal text mode dialogs. Using a text editor, one will happily use TAB, DOWN, UP, PAGE DOWN, PAGE UP and so on. Those keys are currently used for field to field navigation.

Graphical interface normally reserve the TAB key to jump from one field to the other. Linuxconf uses the TAB key in text mode to jump from the dialog area to the button area. Using the GUI strategy would not work very well: Having to "tab" your way to the "Accept" button of a 20 lines dialog is simply unacceptable. Oddly the GUI standard is not acceptable either, but the mouse is saving the day here.

The textarea widget in text mode is somewhat modal. In field mode the normal behavior or field navigation keys (TAB, DOWN, UP, ...) is preserved. You must enter a white space on the field to trigger the edit mode. While in edit mode, all field navigation keys behave as one expect in a text editor. Hitting escape twice will bring you back to field navigation mode.

Here are some key bindings specific to the textarea edit mode. They can be used along normal key binding and are especially useful when the terminal emulation you are using is ineffective (like some broken telnet software)

UI: per field help dialog

It is now possible to write custom dialogs and attach them to a specific field. It works a little like combo field with a help list. In text mode you hit ctrl-X, in GUI, you hit the ... button on the right side of the field. This trigger a dialog allowing easier selection of the value, when all possible value can't be presented in a list.

You can see a sample code for this in dialog/ Check the sample_helpdia function.

So far, Linuxconf is not using it, but it will come.

Bug fixes

Group edition: member list

the member field is now presented using several lines, as needed.

/etc/group is not rewritten using to break long lines.

Module netadm: few fixes

Two bugs were fixed there. It was complaining needlessly about a missing conf.linuxconf when publishing a tree. It was also crashing when entering administration group edition while already editing and administration tree.

The date & time dialog

A very old bug was fixed there. It properly present the time zone and allows you to change it.