linuxconf 1.18 changes log

linuxconf 1.18 changes log

previous versions: 1.17r10
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Ok we moved to 1.18. 1.17 introduced enhancements in the GUI protocol. 1.18 will continue on this, mostly spreading the new capabilities in various modules.


Enhanced documentation on the user interface toolkit

Check out the document It has been enhanced and now provides various examples. Those examples are extracted from working code in dialog/ Stuff covered includes:

HTTP timeout fixed

The HTTP timeout was expressed in minutes, but converted in micro-seconds needlessly. Now, they are convert in seconds, so you can enter a very very large number if you need it.

Module inetdconf: Fire-walling reworked

The scripts produced are now in /etc/heimdall instead of /usr/lib/linuxconf/lib. Heimdall is the name of the project at sourceforge. Anyway, various bug fixes. They author may want to post an announce. This is inetdconf 1.7.

Module shellmod: merged in the core distribution

More people are creating shellmod module and utilities and found it annoying that it was not universally available (shellmod) on any Linuxconf/Linux box. I simplify their packaging.

If you already installed the shellmod RPM installed, remove it before upgrading to Linuxconf 1.18.

Module shellmod: various enhancements

Various enhancements were done to shellmod since its last release as an independent module. These includes:

Module syslogconf: New

This modules provides a limited functionality to configure /etc/syslog.conf but (I hope) a very exciting (but incomplete) functionality to browse the various system log file.

At the point, you can pick a log file and walk from the end. The "tail -f" mode is not working yet. Once completed, you will be able to freeze/unfreeze the view.

The interesting feature is the filtering ability. You select a line and a pop-up shows up. The dialog allows you to filter on various information:

Once you have setup a filter, you are given a new view (The GUI shows a new window) and both view are independent. You can even define a sub-sub-view with some more filtering.

Ultimately, you won't be force to the command line using tail + more + grep to find your way in system log files.

I have other ideas for this module. These should be available next week. They include

Consulting system logs was one reason we are leaving and reentering Linuxconf, so I feel it is a big step. Comments and ideas are welcome.

New package: linuxconf-util

I have created a new package. It will contain various stand-alone utilities. They are in a separate package because they are linked against liblinuxconf which is itself in the package linuxconf-lib, so I could not place those in the core.

Given they are optional anyway...

Currently, it only contain the shellmod utility. It is the runtime used for stand-alone shellmod module. A shellmod module can be run either inside Linuxconf, or as a normal utility.

The download web page was modified.

Record list in text mode: Fixed

Now record list can scroll horizontally in text mode. This is convenient. There was a long standing bug in this area. Some records were too large and improperly truncated. They were screwing the presentation in text mode. Finally fixed.

Translations: Russian is getting in

Well, it says it all!

Bug fixes

Mounting an un-mounting file systems

Failure were not reported at all. Now any failure jumps you in the log file so you can see all the messages.

Quit button on help screen for gnome-linuxconf

Current version of gnome-linuxconf do not support button-less dialogs. I have re-introduce the "quit" button on help screens when running with gnome-linuxconf.

A fix exist, but a new, more complete, version of gnome-linuxconf is coming, so this little fix won't force everyone to rush for an update.