linuxconf 1.17r9 changes log

linuxconf 1.17r9 changes log

previous versions: 1.17r8
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About Linuxconf screen

The help on the menu bar has now an "About Linuxconf" entry. It is showing:

Anyway, this is a start. If you have some ideas for a more suitable "About screen", let me know!

GUI: Drawing context

Until now, the GUI front-end was only able to manage and display standard widget and could not display anything fancier, such as graphics, and text with various fonts and colors.

The GUI protocol now support various drawing primitives as well as drawing context features such as font, brush and pen selection.

Currently, it is only used by the status module, to a limited extent and the "About" screen. I expect to invest a lot more in the status module in graphical mode.

GUI: Menu bar in linuxconf-gui

The GUI protocol has been enhanced further, Front-end may have menu-bars. So far, it has only been implemented in linuxconf-gui and the treemenu module is using it (if supported by the front-end).

Now Linuxconf sports a different look. It includes a help menu with various options, including an "About Linuxconf". The button at the bottom of the tree menu have been replaced by a pull down menu featuring various entries, including a new "quit no check" option, which quit immediately without probing for any changes.

You can see a screen shot of the new linuxconf-gui at

Note that linuxconf-gui is featuring other gadgets and is fairly different from gnome-linuxconf. You may want to check it out (install linuxconf-gui and UN-install gnome-linuxconf). Once the GUI protocol is completed, those enhancements will be moved to gnome-linuxconf as well.

Module samba: remote browse sync

The "remote browse sync" global feature was not visible. Fixed!

Module status: splash screen

The initial dialog displayed by the status module (when running linuxconf-gui and the treemenu module) includes the status of all disk partition. A gauge shows the usage level of the partition and the size is displayed at the end. This makes this screen quite complete to have a feel for the health of the server.

Module treemenu: Help on context

With the tree menu, we have lost something: The ability to access the various helps of the intermediate menus. This new feature should hopefully fix this. You click on the "help/on topic" option in the menu bar and then on one option of the tree menu and you get the corresponding help.


Some more Swedish translations (help files) and a new Russian translator.

User account: validating user ID

The user ID was not validated. Now a check is done to insure it lies between 0 and 65535.

Bug fixes

Enabling routing on RedHat 6.2

The routing is now controlled in the file /etc/sysctl.conf instead of /etc/sysconfig/network. Linuxconf now manage this file if running on RedHat 6.2.

Module inetdconf: firewall and 192.168.X.0 network

The module was not managing class C private network 192.168.X.0 properly. One side effect was that it was not enabling the masquerading for other network than