linuxconf 1.17r8 changes log

linuxconf 1.17r8 changes log

previous versions: 1.17r7
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another user account dialog trimming

Another check-box was added to the "account and password policies". You can control the visibility of the account expiration date separately from the shadow parameter.

Linuxconf sysv service name

The linuxconf system V init script was renamed to linuxconf-setup, This was done to differentiate from the linuxconf inetd service (HTML mode) and to make it clearer that it is not a daemon, but a pseudo service doing some settings.

linuxconf-gui enhancements

I am working a lot on the GUI front-end (this was the goal of 1.17). Some basic capabilities are being added to the GUI protocol. In 1.17r8, a drawing context feature has been added and it allows some variation in the presentation. This shows in the spash/status screen. The host name is shown using a larger font.

I expect linuxconf-gui to evolve in various direction. 1.17r9 will have a menu bar for example. The status module will start to use those enhancement to produce fancy graphics for example.

1.17r9 will have a help menu with an "About Linuxconf" entry. If one has good ideas about the layout it should have, feel free to send them along.

Module wuftpd: Reworked interface

The graphical interface was reworked in a notebook.

A check-box was added to control anonymous access.

Bug fixes

dnsconf was crashing with some invalid named.conf

/etc/named.conf with unbalanced braces were causing troubles. Fixed!

linuxconf-gui crashing

A flaw was fixed. It was crashing once in a while in unrelated dialogs. This bug appeared lately though.

Module samba: Server identification

Linuxconf was updating the wrong field in /etc/smb.conf. It now manages the "server string" entry instead of the "comment" one.