linuxconf 1.17r7 changes log

linuxconf 1.17r7 changes log

previous versions: 1.17r6
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Deleting an account currently in use

Linuxconf now checks if an account is used. If so, you are now allowed to delete it. A error message pops up.

Errors while adding or modifying a user account

As discussed on the list, Linuxconf reports any errors when you add, delete or change a user account (when useradd, usermod and userdel are executed). It shows you the last entry in the Linuxconf logs (/var/log/netconf.log).

Features dialog co-manageable

The user account co-manager technology was applied to the feature dialog. This allows modules to hook some fields in it. Currently, the status module is doing that.

The dialog used to be flat. It is now split-Ted in multiple sections. The GUI maps that to a notebook object.

Linuxconf splash screen, sort of

For a while, I was looking for something to put on the right of the treemenu when there is no dialog displayed (GUI mode). I finally came with an idea. The status module is presenting one screen (one page of the notebook) immediately at startup.

The screen shows different information:

The list will probably grow and the more graphics will be introduced. The screen is updated every 3 seconds.

You can change the icon and you can disable this completely if you do not like it, from the feature dialog.

You need linuxconf-gui though. This won't work with gnome-linuxconf for now.

Bug fixes

HTML mode: Problems with trailing spaces

The HTML mode was failing (500 dialog mismatch) if the original value of one field (text) had some trailing spaces. See this Howto/Faq topic to learn more about this error.

TO solve this, spaces are encoded as   and decoded back when the form is submitted.