linuxconf 1.17r5 changes log

linuxconf 1.17r5 changes log

previous versions: 1.17r4
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Module firewall: support for SYN packets

The dialogs already had check-boxes to control TCP SYN packets, but the code behind them was not implemented. It is now. When the "Accept TCP Syn packet" check-box is not selected for a TCP rules, and the policy is "Accept", then a negative (deny) rule is inserted with the same characteristic.

This check-box only has effect with "Accept" rules. I don't see the point for other policies.

Check it out!

New command line to switch profiles

The command

	linuxconf --selectprofile profile-name

switch to the new profile. It archives and extracts the files differing between to two profiles.

Selecting a profile from LILO

By setting a variable named PROFILE either at the LILO prompt or in the LILO configuration, you can switch to that profile on the fly. While you could already do that at boot time, this new feature allows you to boot in a single step in the good profile. The /sbin/askrunlevel utility must be installed (by default with my RPM) though.

So you do either

LILO boot: linux PROFILE=Office

Or you create various configurations in /etc/lilo.conf. Here is my own /etc/lilo.conf:

boot = /dev/hda
timeout = 50
default = linux
vga = normal
root = /dev/hda6
image = /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.13-7mdk
  label = linux
image = /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.13-7mdk
  label = office
  append = "PROFILE=Office"
image = /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.13-7mdk
  label = home
  append = "PROFILE=Home"

I have 3 configuration in LILO. The default does not select any profile so will boot in the current profile. The two others are switching either to the Home or Office profile.

User account: simpler dialog

The strategy started with 1.17r4 has been continued. In the password and account policies dialog, 2 new check-boxes has been added:

Those check-boxes are only effective for co-administrators. root can still see and edit all fields.


/var/run/treemenu.cache moves in /var/state/linuxconf

This file contains the treemenu structure. It has been moved in /var/state/linuxconf because some distribution delete /var/run at every boot. Cleaning up /var/run once is a while is not a bad idea anyway.

Bug fixes

Module mailconf: enhancement for send receipt

A line was missing in /etc/ and this was causing some problem with null address (<>)

Networking: Disabled devices not managed properly

Linuxconf was kind of confusing on this side. A disabled devices was always considered when probing system state. Linuxconf was reporting some work to do (reload networking configuration) but was not doing anything. Fixed!