linuxconf 1.17r4 changes log

linuxconf 1.17r4 changes log

previous versions: 1.17r3
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Module inetdconf: a new fire-walling system

Check this out. The goal is to create a super-simple firewall ing solution.

Module mailconf: new --generatecf command line

The following command line generate a new

linuxconf --modulemain mailconf --generatecf

THis may be used when you add or remove a virtual email domain using the command line for example.

Module mailconf: new URL to change vuser password

There is a new special URL for IPless virtual email domain users. By pointing their browser to:


they can change their password. The older htmlmod:userpass URL is still operational.

Trimming the user account dialog

The password and account policies dialog was reworked using a note-pad object. It now includes 3 new check-boxes. This check-boxes control the visibility of some user account dialog components. Note that these flags are global and affect all account type. Comments are welcome on this. Here are the flags

virtual email account out of quota

The vdeliver utility now produces a more readable error message when a virtual user in-box is out of disk quota.