linuxconf 1.17r3 changes log

linuxconf 1.17r3 changes log

previous versions: 1.17r2
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dnsconf: various UI enhancements

Dialog were reworked to take advantage of the latest advances in the Linuxconf user interface toolkit. This generally means less flicker and unneeded redraw in GUI mode.

GUI: treemenu enhancement

The treemenu module is taking advantage of the latest enhancement of the GUI protocol. The tree menu has been split in 3 trees. Each tree is in a separate notebook page, so you can switch between each one easily. The 3 trees are "config", "control", and "status". This should make your life easier.

At this point, gnome-linuxconf has not been enhanced to support this so redhat and mandrake users won't see any difference. To experience the new feature, you have to install linuxconf-gui and uninstall gnome-linuxconf.

inetdconf and fetchmailconf

Various enhancements and bug fix...