linuxconf 1.17r2 changes log

linuxconf 1.17r2 changes log

previous versions: 1.17r1
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Debian: Some packaging fixes

This version contains some packaging fixes for the upcoming Debian releases.

linuxconf-gui: Many enhancements

Since 1.17, linuxconf-gui (wxxt-linuxconf) has been enhanced quite a lot. Many enhancement were made to the GUI protocol. In 1.17r2 Linuxconf is making use of it a lot. Note that Linuxconf is still compatible with gnome-linuxconf (shipped with RedHat and Mandrake).

When Linuxconf detects it is talking to a new linuxconf-gui, it does many things differently. Also note that most of these enhancement will be applied to gnome-linuxconf soon. I am still maintaining wxxt-linuxconf because:

So what's new on the GUI side

On RedHat and Mandrake system, you have to remove (or rename) gnome-linuxconf to try linuxconf-gui.

Module dhcpd: dhcp to DNS

Some enhancements were made to filter attempt from DHCP users to override a name in the DNS. The new strategy is checking if the name is clashing with a name outside of a DHCP allocation range.

Thanks Hubert!

Module managerpm: some user interface enhancements

Managerpm is making use of the new GUI abilities. When you install or upgrade some modules, you get small popups with gauge showing you the package being manipulated, a little bit like and installer.

Module squid: support for 2.2

The module is now compatible with squid 1 and 2.

Translations: Chinese simple

I can't tell how complete it is though :-)

Web mode: Virtual email domain administration

The page "Special Linuxconf entry points" has been changed. It used to show all the virtual email domains and the co-admin could click on one. Now, there is only a single line. You click on it, you enter a user/password pairs, and you only see the domains you are allowed to administer. This feature was available for the other user interface.