linuxconf 1.16r9 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r9 changes log

previous versions: 1.16r8
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Module mailconf: virtual domain visibility

Until now, you were allowed to see the content of a virtual domain (the account list) even if you did not have the privilege to modify it. This time is over! Now, you see only the vdomain for which you have a privilege. So if you are co-admin for domain a,b and c, you will only see those domain in the list. root will see them all.

Module managerpm: conflict resolution

The module was not checking properly for duplicates (when a package deliver something that is delivered by an already installed package). It detects this situation properly. When such a conflict arise, you are presented with a list of conflicts, showing every package. From this list, you can view the information about one package and even delete the package. If you delete all offending package, the installation/upgrade will continue. You can also select the button "Install anyway" and the install will be performed with the --replacefiles RPM option.

Module pppdialin and fire-walling

I have added a check-box like the one available in the dialout module. The "update firewall rules" check-box will trigger a firewall update at connect and disconnect time. So you can now create per-user fire-walling rules (using pppdialin/account logical device and host in the fire-walling rules).

More help files for the user account management

New help files were written for the crontab management (tasks button) the delete account and the password change. Thanks Carole!

Normal user account visibility

User accounts were visible to anyone who had sufficient privileges to get in Linuxconf (You need at least "may access Linuxconf"). This was not so good as one could potentially find who has privileges.

From now on, you need privilege or root password to enter any user account list.

Bug fixes

/etc/hosts management

Linuxconf was crashing when loading a /etc/hosts file with very long line. It is now more robust, but it is not able to edit such a very long line (they will be truncated). We are talking about very long lines though.

A file open leak

There was a file open leak when dealing with email aliases. There was also a problem with a file handle pool which was too big and was causing problems for the HTML mode (After many user account creations or modifications).

Module dialout and fire-walling

The check-box "update firewall rules" was not effective at De-connection time. So the rules associated with the PPP link were not removed.

Module fetchmailconf: packaging

A little packaging problem made the module non operational.

Module firewall; Not all rules were activated

The new firewall module in 1.16r7 had a glitch. Under many cases it will not enable a rule even if all condition were met.