linuxconf 1.16r8 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r8 changes log

previous versions: 1.16r7
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Module firewall: More command lines

I have added two more command lines for this module:

Module managerpm now part of the core distribution

The managerpm module used to be distributed in a separate package. This module is pretty needed by everyone using RPMs. If you had already the independent module installed, remove it before upgrading to 1.16r8.

New module fetchmailconf

This module was written by Torbjörn Gard <>. Fetchmail users, check it out. The module is automatically enabled if /usr/bin/fetchmail is there.

Partition probing

The fix for partition probing on rh6.1 was temporary. It was scanning a fixed devices set (hda, hdb, ...). It now uses /proc/partitions to find out which devices are available and create the fdisk command line. fdisk is still used to probe partition because some information is missing from /proc/partitions (the partition type for one).

Bug fixes

Control service activity dialog

The dialog to control one service was incomplete and never exited.

firewalling on kernel 2.2

The implicit rules for the loopback were invalid. They were using the IP number of the device instead of the device name. Since kernel 2.2, only device names are accepted.

IP alias updates

There was a fairly old bug with IP aliases on kernel 2.2. When one IP alias definition was changed, Linuxconf would end up changing the alias in a strange way, cycling through the available alias numbers (sort of).

Small fix for archiving of vdomain config files

A bug prevented archiving of vdomain files for vdomain created with fairly old versions of Linuxconf.

User account creation with private group

The group was improperly created. The name of the group was missing. You may want to check uour /etc/group to fix it.