linuxconf 1.16r7 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r7 changes log

previous versions: 1.16r6.1
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Inter module APIs

The concept allows one module to request and API and one provider to provide this API. If no provider is available, then the client module detects that and do something else. This is used in various places in Linuxconf (the dhcpd module uses the dnsconf API to update the DNS).

Until now, only one provider was allowed. It is now possible to have many, The client must be aware of that and will use each provider in sequence.

This was first used for the new firewall module.

Check out for more details.

Module dialout: reworked dialog

The configuration dialog was modified a bit. A new section "scripts" was added and all the script (postconnect, predisconnect) fields were moved there.

The feature section has now a new check-box called "update the firewall rules". Check out the section on the firewall in this change log to understand what it means.

Module dnsconf: syncing basic host information and DNS

Linuxconf normally update the DNS from the information found in the basic host information dialog. This is generally a good thing. Some people have problems with this and wish to present information unrelated to the basic host information. I have added a check-box in the feature dialog to disable this feature. On by default.

Module firewall: various enhancements

The firewall module was modified somewhat. It is still compatible with earlier configuration (well, let me know if it is not :-) ). The work done is opening the door to many more enhancements, hopefully in a short future.

Module mrtg: New utility

The mrtg module provides various utilities to sample things on the system including the I have written a C++ version to make it more efficicent. It is called mrtg_memory.

pppdialin: new command line option

There were no command line for this module. I just had the following:

linuxconf --modulemain pppdialin --disconnect account

This is an easy way to kill a PPP connection for a given account without having to seach which pppd to terminate.


Module pppdialin: noauth PPP option

This option was removed from the ppplogin script. It seems to confuse pppd somewhat. We are getting back to pre-1.16r6.1 behavior. This was causing problems. More investigation.

Bug fixes

LILO: Partition probing on RedHat 6.1

Lilo configuration (for one) could not extract the list of available partitions. A change was made in the way /sbin/fdisk work and Linuxconf was relying on that. Fixed!

module dhcpd: glitch in probing affecting fire-walling

A little cosmetic glitch was fixed with the dhcpd module. In some case it was reporting an error to Linuxconf, without printing anything. Linuxconf was stopping its probing process. The next module on the list, firewall had no chance to enable its own configuration.

I guess not so many people have seen that. Those who have witness fire-walling rules which are never activated, check it out.

Module dialout: alternate chat script did not work

When using an alternate chat script, the module was not generating any configuration. It was silently failing.

Module treemenu: Button name "Act/Changes"

There was a flaw in text mode and sometime, the button title flipped to "usr1" . Fixed!

Special accounts and supplementary groups

Special accounts do not show the supplementary groups. It is possible to associate special account members (POP, PPP, ...) to some supplementary group. Unfortunately, Linuxconf was not preserving those settings when editing the account. It is now.

Starting services: 15 seconds packed in 1

A bug in 1.16r6 was causing a weird behavior. Linuxconf was starting a service and was claiming immediately that the service was taking too long to start instead of waiting 15 seconds. Fixed!