linuxconf 1.16r6 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r6 changes log

previous versions: 1.16r4
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This change log is relative to 1.16r4. There were no change log produced for 1.16r5. The module binary compatibility was changed in 1.16r5, but I forgot to increase the symbol. I did it for 1.16r6. See below.


Building incomplete treemenu

Under some special cases, the treemenu was incomplete. This was happening when some error were discovered while producing the tree (error in some configuration file for example).

The strategy has been reworked a bit to make it more reliable.

Email aliases: redirecting to the same account

An alias may point to the user account with the same name. This is useful to redirect email for an account to both an external address and the account's in-box folder.

Linuxconf was not supporting this properly in the user account dialog.

New help screens in the user account dialogs

Well, that's is. Thanks Carole!

redhatppp module: peerdns feature

A check box was added to control the peerdns feature. This lets the pppd daemon update the /etc/resolv.conf file with the IPs of the provider (DNS).

Some tree menu entries were incomplete

Another fix was done in the tree menu. Many Linuxconf menu are built like this:

   config    something
                something else
                another thing

The original way was not duplicating the first "config" and this created a menu sometime difficult to read (the verb was missing).

The translation are moved to independent packages

New language packages

The translation were getting both larger (more complete) and new language were added (Romanian just came in). So I split-Ted the core package. It only contain English from now on. One separate package exist for the other language. This makes the core package much smaller (almost 2 megs).

You will find the language package at . Use the HTML form at . This form will help you select the proper packages.

Not that the LANG package are platform independent. I have not found a way to produce "noarch" package out of the same source RPM (unless all sub-package are of type "noarch"). This binary compatibility explain why you won't find LANG package along with the core package in the distribution directory.

Hope it will save you some download time and some disk space.

Binary compatibility

I have modified the way the message dictionary are encoded. They are now binary compatible across all platform (SPARC, ALPHA, i386, ...). This has broken the binary compatibility for external module. For this reason, you are forced to upgrade all your module. I have recompiled all the one I maintain, so you just have to grab them from the FTP site. Use the form to locate the last version of each module. Click on the version and you will get to the download page.

virtual email domain: filter program

The administrator can now configure a filter program which is used at delivery time. You can configure one different filter (or with different arguments). The filter is called after the in-box folder has been opened and locked. This is experimental.

virtual email domain: More complete help

The help associated with the definition dialog was incomplete. Few fields were not documented.

Bug fixes

Controlling drop-ins from the "control service activity" menu

The dialog was broken (no way to get out). Fixed!

Enabling sendmail relay control

This feature was causing some error messages in the logs when the file /etc/mail/deny was missing. Linuxconf now generate the proper rules in /etc/

HTML intro page

The move to PNG was not completed in most translation. The start button was broken.

Improper mrtg.cfg parsing

The mrtg module was not parsing the mrtg.cfg properly. This file supports multi-line tags. Fixed!