linuxconf 1.16r4 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r4 changes log

previous versions: 1.16r3.3
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dhcpd: More filtering while updating the DNS

NetBios names are much too permissive for the DNS. I was filtering some special cases, but I found that it was not enough. I have placed much restriction: Any character not alphabetic and not numeric and not a minus sign is turn into a minus sign.

Distribution specific resource files

I have implemented a new scheme for the resource files (*.paths). Originally they were stored in one directory per distribution. The new scheme support differentiation of the distribution releases. Inside the directory /usr/lib/linuxconf/DIST (where DIST is a distribution name), you can have sub-directory which are distribution release numbers. Resource files in those sub-directories will only apply to a specific release while the ones (unless overridden) in the DIST directory apply to all releases.

This solves the dhcpd.leases issue discussed lately with Mandrake and RedHat 6.1. This should help in the future I guess.

samba: domain logons feature

The "domain logons" feature was not supported (visible). There is now a check-box to enable the feature in the netlogon special share setup (although it is a global feature, it fits better there).

samba: Updating SMB passwords from Unix password

This feature was updated. The check-box was turned into a multi-selection field. The value are "not managed", "acct & passwords" and "acct only". The original feature corresponds to "Acct & passwords". This means that Linuxconf takes care of creating and deleting accounts in /etc/smbpasswd and also update the password.

The new option (acct. only) means that Linuxconf maintain the accounts but do not update the password at all. This might be used by people who want to use different password for SMB and Unix. The primary usage though is for people using a single password file (/etc/smbpasswd) with the pam_smbpass PAM module. Using this new option, Linuxconf creates the accounts in /etc/smbpasswd and the PAM module takes care of the password.

While this change adds a functionality, you do not have the update your Samoa configuration. The old check-box maps to the second option.


More Spanish help files (quite a lot indeed)

virtual email domains: Adding users from the command line

The --vpasswd command line was added to the mailconf module. This completes the job to create, delete and set the password of a virtual email account. The command line goes like this:

    linuxconf --modulemain mailconf --vpasswd account

The new password is passed on standard input, so it can't be sniffed by looking at a PS output.


Module binary compatibility

During 1.16r3 development, I had to change the module API slightly and this broke the binary compatibility. This means that all independent modules must be recompiled with against the new linuxconf-devel package.

I have done so for the managerpm, shellmod, mgettyconf, updpass, userinfo and usersbygroup module. I have changed the release number of those module to reflect that:

Bug fixes

/etc/group management

Continuation line was not supported in this file (very old bug, odd). Fixed!

pppdialin: noauth option added to ppplogin

The new pppd is more sensitive. The new /usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/ppplogin script sets the "noauth" option to avoid confusion.