linuxconf 1.16r3.2 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r3.2 changes log

previous versions: 1.16r3.1
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A new package: linuxconf-lib

When building the RPM, you get a new package: linuxconf-lib. This package provides the shared object runtime for those who creates stand-alone utilities using the linuxconf-devel kit.

Command line: linuxconf --listconfig

This new option list all configuration files known to Linuxconf. The format reported (sent on standard output) is:

    Path<TAB>Flags<TAB>Sub-system<TAB>[reference path]

dialout: reworked configuration dialog

I have used the new chkm_num widget for few field of the configuration dialog. This is the end of the special magic values meaning "disabled" or "use default value" in this dialog. This was applied to the following fields:

help screen for the apache module

Some help screens were written for the apache module, mainly the default and performance dialog. Check it out.

Module binary compatibility

Because of a rework of the CONFDB object, I was forced to break the module binary compatibility. This mean that you will have to recompile the external module with linuxconf-devel 1.16r3.2 or above. For the next full release (1.16r4), I will produce new packages for all module in the archive.

redhatppp: support for the wvdial utility

The module now update parts of the /etc/wvdial.conf utility, so can be used as a front-end for wvdial. wvdial is a smart dialing utility that can guess most connection parameter for a PPP session. You just need to provide the phone, account and password and it finds the rest.

Translations: as usual

More Swedish, Slovak.

Use local aliases to pick the operation language

Linuxconf now supports aliases for the LANG variable. Now you can set it to either fr or french to get Linuxconf in french for example.

user account dialog: more help screen

The user account dialog was enhanced to support help screens for the various privilege sections. Few help screen were written to explain those privileges.

web mode: URL encoding

Linuxconf was encoding URLs without the target host name and this was confusing some browsers. Now it extracts the target host name from the HTTP request and produce fully absolute URLs.

Bug fixes

apache: glitch corrupting the httpd.conf file

A bug was fixed. In some condition, the httpd.conf file rewritten by Linuxconf was corrupted.

apache: virtual hosts list using web mode

There was a flaw in the dialog presenting all the virtual hosts. This was affecting only the web mode (Linuxconf web mode). It was preventing the user from selecting properly one host, in some condition.

IP alias probing on kernel 2.2

There is now a new strategy to probe the alias. This won't cause bizarre error messages for those who compiled their kernel with aliasing support.

LILO; quoting of append directive

Linuxconf was not UN-quoting/quoting the directive, yielding an invalid /etc/lilo.conf (You had to put the quotes yourself).

user accounts: creating a group on the fly

This feature was broken. Linuxconf was asking permission to create the new group, but was failing to do so.