linuxconf 1.16r3.1 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r3.1 changes log

previous versions: 1.16r3
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modemconf: New module

A small module was added to the core distribution. It allows you to setup your /dev/modem symlink. Auto-detection is missing though. It is enabled by default.

It's a contribution!

Multiple help per dialog

I have added the ability to associate several helps (DIALOG::addhelp() function) to one dialog. This is currently used for the user account dialog. I have added a small help to user privileges and email settings. Now dialog co-manager can define help screens.

When a dialog has several help screens, selecting the help button display a small menu. You pick the help you want.

This feature is not available for the web mode for now.

samba: Deleting a user account

When you delete a user account, the /etc/smbpasswd file is managed accordingly, if the synchronization of SMB passwords from Unix passwords was selected.


More translation work came in, notably Swedish help screens.

Bug fixes

Apache: serveradmin and serveralias solved

The problems reports with the serveradmin and serveralias keyword are solved. Both were fairly old problem. Odd!

dhcpd: Fix for the host-name tag

The value was not properly quoted!