linuxconf 1.16r3 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r3 changes log

previous versions: 1.16r2.2
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dnsconf: smarter updates

There were two changes there. When you update the basic host information screen, it updates the DNS accordingly. Before 1.16r3 it was updating the DNS even if nothing was changed. You were always getting the "The DNS has been updated" message. Now you get the message (and the updates in the zone files) only if there is a mismatch (something has changed).

If you modify the DNS and change the definition of one name found in the basic host information screen and it becomes incompatible you will be prompt (and will be allowed not to commit the changes).

mailconf vdomain: /etc/skel for vdomain

Linuxconf used to copy the main /etc/skel in the newly created virtual email user account. Now it will use, if available, /vhome/domain/etc/skel.

There should be an option to tell that you do not want a home at all. Currently, you can achieve that in the setting of the popusers group but the change is global and affect also the normal pop user accounts.

module dll version

The external module (module built outside the Linuxconf source tree) were labeled using the version of the linuxconf-devel package used to compiled them. This was inadequate and was creating little confusion for the treemenu. Now, the DLL will be named after the VERSION macro in the Makefile of the module itself.

More buttons in text mode

The text mode UI has been enhanced to support more buttons in dialogs. Now if there are too many buttons, they are split-Ted in two lines. So far, only one dialog required that (control system activity/configure one item).

samba: name resolve order

I have added this field to the default section (in the networking sub-section), The default for that field is "lmhosts, hosts, bind, bcast". When using buggy DNS setup, it is worth removing the hosts entry there.

samba: netlogon share. Problem with logon entries

The netlogon share dialog allows you to setup the logon path, logon drive , logon script and logon home. Unfortunately, those feature are part of the global section in smb.conf, not part of the netlogon share.

I still think it is appropriate to show this information there, so the dialog still shows those fields, but the value are properly recorded in the global section.


I have received various updates for French, Swedish, Deutsch. The Swedish translation now sports a lot of help files.

Bug fixes

/etc/quota.conf: wrong permission settings

The permission for that file were 600 instead of 0600. Odd result :-)

Account policies: archive script

This dialog was mixing the archive script field with the delete script.

wuftpd: signal if anonymous dir missing

When setting a virtual host for wu-ftpd, Linuxconf is copying the basic setup from the main anonymous ftp directory. If this directory is missing, it now complains that it can't proceed. Prior to 1.16r3, it was simply failing silently.