linuxconf 1.16r2.2 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r2.2 changes log

previous versions: 1.16r2.1
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Control service activity

I have enhanced this dialog quite a lot on redhat/conectiva systems. This work should be applicable to other distro rather easily.

This dialog used to be a long list of check-box, allowing one to turn on and off some services. Well it was turning on and off the automatic startup of the service, but could not do much else. It has been changed. It is also more object oriented. In a near future, the same dialog will be use to turn on and off (and do other operation) all services, not just those started by the sysv script. The inetd service could be handled there as well.

The new dialog presents the service, the configuration state (enabled /disabled) and the running state. You select a service and this brings a dialog. It presents

Note that the package information make use of the managerpm inter-module API. You need managerpm 1.14. If managerpm is not installed, then you get a reminder that the information can't be found.

An interesting part of the dialog is the large set of buttons. You have 3 buttons to start,stop and restart the service manually. I found myself all too often doing "by hand"

    /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb stop/start/...

There is also a button to preview the status of the sysv script (it calls the script with the status option). If managerpm is installed, you have a button called "Pkg info". This allows you to review the package information including the file list. You can even UN-install the package right on the spot.

I even wrote a help screen for it!

GUI enhancements

There are various annoyance with the current GUI and I have started some rework.. For now, I introduce a way to modify dialogs on the fly. Linuxconf used to delete and recreate dialogs every time something was changing. This was causing various problems

1.16r2.2 improve slightly the GUI protocol and this will show in some dialog such as the "Control service activity". Note that this change will simplify the coding in Linuxconf itself, so it is a good thing.

Basically, the change allows Linuxconf to create a new dialog with the same name as an existing one. This tells the front-end to delete the content of the current dialog and refill with the new content. I have looked at different way to tell the front-end which field to update and so on, but it turned out to be much simpler like this.

Note that for now, this only affects linuxconf-gui. Gnome-linuxconf users won't see a change. The front-end has to supply a preference call "reconfdia" if it supports this feature.

Per user disk quote for virtual email domain

I have added this feature. You set the limit right in the user account under the "Mail settings" tab (where you used to set the aliases and the redirection).

samba: map to guest feature

I have added this feature to the default dialog. This feature is quite useful to allow browsing of the server even if the user does not have a valid login on the server. generation using /etc/mail/mailconf files

Linuxconf now looks in /etc/mail/mailconf directory to find alternative template files only at generation time. It used to look there are startup time and keep the information for the remaining of the session. This was confusing people who were shuffling with template files while Linuxconf was running.

The new chkm_num widget applied to IPX configuration

The IPX configuration dialog was reworked to use the new widget. No more magic 0 values. The widget was extended to support hexadecimal.

Bug fixes

html access on Alpha systems

A small bug was preventing the HTML mode to operate on Alpha systems.