linuxconf 1.16r2 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r2 changes log

previous versions: 1.16r1.4
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disk quota: using the new widget

Just so you can check that new dialog, both in the user account and in the default settings.

mailconf: max recipient per message

This sendmail 8.9 feature is now available in the feature area.

mailconf: using the new widget

The new widget has been used in the basic configuration for the "message size limit" field and the new "Maximum recipient per message"

ppp dialout: using the new widget

The idle timeout is also using the new widget. 0 means no limit and the widget shows that.,

User interface: New widget check-boxes and value

There were several dialogs with numerical field, where some magic value were expected. For example, when editing disk quota the value -1 mean "inherit" or "use default", while 0 mean "no limit" and any other value is taken as the limit.

I have created a new widget in Linuxconf (function DIALOG::newf_chkm_num) to solve this. The new widget applied to disk quota looks like

title: (o) default ( ) no limit ________

Comment welcome. I was able to apply this to text, web and gui, although the text widget is probably the most intuitive.

vpop3d: proper logging (LOG_MAIL)

vpop3d now produce proper logging using the LOG_MAIL facility. It logs successful and failed attempt, reporting the user and the domain.

Web interface revisited

I have reworked the web interface. It is now a little more compact and may look nicer. I have received a patch to make the whole thing much more configurable and I will apply this in the next release. In the mean time, I think this looks much better. Comment welcome.

Bug fixes

user account: disabling a virtual user account

This was not working at all. Fixed!