linuxconf 1.16r10 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r10 changes log

previous versions: 1.16r9
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Module fetchmailconf: more features

A separate announce will be made by the author.

Module firewall: dealing with unknown interfaces

The module was not enabling rules using interface not currently running. It is now friendlier. Note that in many case, using logical device is preferred (dialout/config, pppdialin/account) and more reliable.

Module mailconf: command lines to deal with email aliases

Several new command line options were added to this module. Here they are:

I still have to enhace the help files. Comments appreciated!

Module treemenu: Some debugging help

Some people have experienced problem with the treemenu: Linuxconf crashes when it is computing the tree. While this signal a flaw in Linuxconf, it is not easy to track where is located that flaw (Well with a debugger it is quite easy).

Those experiencing the problem are left in the cold. They unset the treemenu module and have to dig in the various dialog to find the offending.

In 1.16r10, the treemenu build is producing a file /var/run/treemenu.log. This file is updated after each menu entry is processed. So if Linuxconf fails in one area, you can tell where just by looking at this file.

Oddly, this treemenu build looks more and more like a crude regression testing.

Bug fixes

basic host information and /etc/conf.modules: Multiple NICs

There was a problem in this dialog (basic host information). It was not properly handling /etc/conf.modules when you have several network adaptors. Now, it merge the I/Os and IRQs.

Originally, one was only specifying the kernel module and the I/Os and IRQs for the first network device. The kernel module is loaded only once for all the adaptor anyway.

The new behavior is more intuitive.

Module dnsconf: parsing ip/subnet

There were two bugs corrected in 1.16r10. Some network definition where not parsed properly. the syntax network/subnet was only accepted in some condition. This has been generalized.

The listen-on global option directive was not parsed properly when the optional port was specified.

Module firewall: status fixed

The status feature was not using ipchain properly.