linuxconf 1.16r1.4 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r1.4 changes log

previous versions: 1.16r1.3
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I have received more translations for help files: Spanish, Swedish

vpop3d and uidl

I have found the little bug with vpop3d and uidl. I did tested it with netscape and it happily kept the message on the server. Please test this one out. This is the feature that prevented me from doing a full release. If vpop3d is proven, I will do so.

On the pop/imap side, I have almost completed vdomain support in the imap package (as found on RedHat and few other distro). Once completed you will get vdomain with both pop and imap.

Bug fixes

dnsconf: Finding first available IP

An old limitation of dnsconf was removed. When computing the first available IP (IP allocation space), it was not processing IP reverse mapping zone. So for DNS hosting some reverse zone, but not the corresponding domains, dnsconf was proposing not reliable (the available IP was not so available).