linuxconf 1.16r1.2 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r1.2 changes log

previous versions: 1.16r1.1
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Adding a kernel to LILO

When you add a new kernel that you have compiled, Linuxconf fills the dialog with the information found in /usr/src/linux, but suggest to copy the kernel in /. It now suggests to put it in /boot.

Debian: Various fixes

A module was created for Debian. With it, Linuxconf better supports Debian. User account management is now done through the various useradd/del/mod commands and passwords are handled with PAM.

This release also provides supports for the new strategy allowing Linuxconf to trust the sysv init script. Some extra information is added in /usr/lib/linuxconf/debian/sysv.

dialout: pre connect command

The dialout module now support a pre-connect command. You specify it in the feature area of the dialog. This command is executed before pppd and chat are started. You can use this to call setserial or whatever setup command you need.

Linuxconf waits until the command exits.

mailconf: support for popauth

Linuxconf will generate a suitable if you have a /etc/mail/pophash file. See to get the corresponding utility.

The pophash system solves a real problem for mail server with "moving" users. If you enable relay control, then only users originating from specific networks may use the SMTP server. With this strategy, any user who have successfully connect with the vpop3d server will be allowed in. The script maintain in real time the /etc/mail/pophash database and sendmail uses this db to grant relay or not (plus all the other databases it already uses).

vpop3d has been modified so it provides suitable information through the syslog facility.

Technical documentation updates

The documents and have been updated from the source. I will update them on a regular basis now.

vdeliver: escaping line starting with From

vdeliver was not escaping lines starting with "From ". vpop3d is using the "From " marker to identify the end of a message, so this was confusing it.

vpop3d: uidl support

vpop3d now handle the uidl command. I have barely tested it. Give it a try. I am using the message-id directly as the unique identifier. The RFC just states that I must use something unique. Check it out and let me know.

Bug fixes

Keyboard management on Linux 68k

Linuxconf now properly handle the keyboard maps on Linux 68k.

mailconf: fix relaying rules

I have merged the fix for relaying so that the ORBS stops complaining. Linuxconf will generate a new once you install this release.