linuxconf 1.16r1.1 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r1.1 changes log

previous versions: 1.16r1
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Long time since the last update. There was various things, including moving the server to a new location. I also release another package that might become very useful for administrator doing remote management (plug:

I have received numerous patches and I could not review them all. I will :-). Sorry about that.


apache: supporting namevirtualhost

A new field was added: Domain ip address. You set the IP there and then define IP less virtual host sharing this IP.

Boot time menu revisited

The boot time menu (askrunlevel) was reworked to be less intrusive. Instead of a popup, you get a small paragraph like this

Hit any key to enter configuration mode
Hit  to resume the boot process
The boot sequence will resume in 14 seconds

So it does not break the previous output on the screen. If you press any other key than enter, then you have the usual menu.

mailconf: queue management

You can now manage the mail queue (/var/spool/mqueue), view and delete entries from Linuxconf. Comments welcome.

mailconf: generation strategy

The strategy to generate this file was changed. Until now, Linuxconf was proposing the update the file if it was not matching the proposed configuration. this was handy for those relying only on Linuxconf for sendmail configuration, but not so fun for the other: They had no option other than not using mailconf at all.

The new strategy is slightly changed: If was generated by Linuxconf, then the previous strategy apply. If it was not (or was modified, even just a byte), then Linuxconf won't take about it. The only way to get a new from Linuxconf will be interactive when changing configuration in mailconf itself.

mailconf: supports /etc/mail/

Until now, Linuxconf was ignoring that file (old mistake). It now does and will silently migrate old setting to that file. If you edit you sendmail basic configuration and you have set domain aliases there, Linuxconf will remove the settings from /etc/conf.linuxconf and write /etc/mail/ (and will regenerate a that uses it).

Main package smaller

the various module were not stripped in the RPMs. This explain why 1.16r1.1 is a little smaller than the previous one.

raidconf: A new module to manage software raid

This is just a start. I want to help promote software raid on kernel 2.2 as it is pretty exciting. Anyone has a wish list on the topic, or spare hours to work with me on this, you are welcome!

treemenu: smaller tree

When the treemenu is computed, its opens a little smaller, limiting the opened node to the third level. I still have work to do so it can remember its state after a Linuxconf update though.

I believe it is more usable this way.

Bug fixes

chkconfig parsing

Linuxconf now resets the LANG and LC_ALL directives when it calls /sbin/chkconfig so it can more reliably parse its output (for controlling service activity).

dnsconf: ttl fields not optional

The various TTL fields in a domain definition (refresh, retry) can't be empty anymore.

redhat/connectiva: ifcfg-eth0~ file

Backup file (.bak and ending with ~) are ignored in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts. Linuxconf used to see that as a duplicate configuration.