linuxconf 1.16r1 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r1 changes log

previous versions: 1.16r0.1
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DHCP module: several ranges per network

The dhcpd module was limiting allocation to a single range (start/end) per net. The DHCP server does not have such a limitation. The module has been enhanced to support as many range per net as needed. There is still a flaw in the user interface. It always propose one more empty range. To add more than one range, you have to accept the dialog and edit again.

forward zone in dnsconf

This feature is now supported. This allows one to selectively support a zone or forward resolution to another DNS.

More translations

this includes translation for the new module selector in French. Updated language are: French, Swedish, Spanish

Some help screens

Some help screens were written for the DHCP module. Thanks again!

User interface command line options

There are few user interface command line options in Linuxconf. They are

The big change is that those options are now parsed very early in Linuxconf. This means that the functionality is available everywhere, not just for the main menu. You can now do

      dnsconf --text
      remadmin --exec ssh some_host linuxconf --guiproto 
         --modulemain  apache

Bug fixes

Bug in apache virtual host config

There was a nasty bug in the virtual host configuration as well as the directory options config. You could create new entry fine, but could not update and old one. httpd.conf was simply not updated at all.

Lynx not used in the boot time help screen

The new 1.16r0.1 was introducing a small security hole when you were enabling lynx as the help screen viewer. It was possible to view the help screen of the boot time menu (askrunlevel) with lynx. Being a browser it allows you do view about anything in the system. At boot time (before you are logged), it is run as root. So lynx is now disabled for the specific help screen.

Note that if you try to configure the system from the boot time menu you must supply the root password. So lynx is allowed after that.

Note also that when you run Linuxconf setuid and a normal user is running Linuxconf and then view a help screen, lynx is run as the real user id, so there is no hole here. This was true in 1.16r0.1 (the first one to support lynx).

The fix only affect the boot time menu help screen.