linuxconf 1.16r0.1 changes log

linuxconf 1.16r0.1 changes log

previous versions: 1.16
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Apache module: htpasswd edition

This is Marcelo's patch pretty much verbatim.

firewall status

You can now view the IP chains status from the status module.

More Czech translations

Help text. Note for Czech users that the language ID was changed from cz to cs.

More spanish translations

More help files.

Samba helps reworked

The various help screens have be reworked to follow the new layout of the dialogs. These help screens are huge. Using Lynx to view them helps...

Samba module: more features

You can now control more feature of the smb.conf file.

Viewing help screens with Lynx in text mode

You can now use Lynx to view help screen. Linuxconf help screens are written using SGML-tools, so can be viewed as HTML or plain text. They are much more readable as HTML since you can browse through the structure of the document.

To enable this new feature, you have to visit the "features" dialog and enable the last option. Comments are welcome.

Bug fixes

DHCP to DNS revisited

The facility to update a DNS using the DHCP lease file was buggy. There were two bugs. One with improper parsing of the MAC address (segfault) and the other with improper interpretation of the lease file logic. The later problem was introducing some slowness in the process and also useless updates of the DNS.

Updating a DNS from a large lease file should be quick (a second or two at most). Check it out!

firewalling on kernel 2.2

There were glitches for inputing and outputting rules. Linuxconf was complaining that the kernel could not support those and was not trying to activate anything. Now things should be much better. Go for it and test it!