linuxconf 1.15r2.2 changes log

linuxconf 1.15r2.2 changes log

previous versions: 1.15r2.1
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User account management: generalization

The user account management is now a little more flexible (its API). This was done create the usersbygroup module. The change a minimal and should be invisible in all other dialogs. The changes simply allow a client code to specify which part of the dialog (user account) must be shown/edit-able. Originally, this limitation was kind of hard coded based on the user account type.

For example, when editing POP accounts, there are no privilege section, the shell is not shown and the group is fixed. The users_edit() function now receive a bitmap (USRACCT_EDIT____ in userconf.h) telling how to handle the dialog.

Bug fixes

dhcpd range statement

The module was not supporting the range syntax with a single IP. It is fixed. The end of the range is now optional.

dhcpd updating the DNS

There was a typo in this area. The improper name was used to query the DNS (the non fully qualified name). I wonder if this may explain the problems reported with this feature (updating the DNS from the DHCP lease file). Those affected may want to check that and report to me.